17 Shaban 1440 AH.
Bank Timing:
10:30am to 5:30pm(Mon-Sat)
Lunch Break:
2:00pm to 2:30pm
Business Hours:
10:30am to 4:30pm(Mon-Sat)

Note: All Banks remain close on Second and Fourth Saturday of every month.
Bank Timings
Other Services at Darussalam Bank

1-Issue of Demand Drafts and Pay Orders: It is one of the ancillary functions of the Bank like other modes of transfer of funds/remittances like Telegraphic Transfer, extended to customers as well as non-customers.

2-Procedure: Person intending to purchase Demand Draft shall fill up the application form available at the branch with particulars such as name and address of the beneficiary (payee) Name of the branch drawn on, name and address and account number (if any) of the person purchasing.

3-Service Charges: The service charges stipulated by the branch from time to time are applicable. The purchaser shall fill the application for purchase of Demand Draft at the counter. The purchaser shall tender Cash/Cheque of the branch/letter of request to debit the existing account at the branch along with application form.

4-Extent of Cash Transaction: Remittances against tender of cash shall be restricted to Rs.50,000/- at the discretion of the bank, as per RBI guidelines in force from time to time. Remittance beyond Rs.50,000/- can be made only against tendering of cheques/debit of the account at the branch.

The Demand Drafts purchased shall be delivered to the purchaser against proper acknowledgement. Purchaser of a DD has no authority to countermand its payment after it has been delivered to the payee. However, the bank shall exercise caution if the purchaser of DD reports loss or theft of the instrument, if the payment have not been made already. All such intimations have to be in writing and given at the branch where the DD was purchased.

5-Revalidation: Demand Drafts are valid for payment for six months from the date of issue. Revaluation can be made subject to the conditions laid down. Only purchaser can request for revalidation on payment of prescribed service charges.

6-Payment of Draft: Payment of a DD is made by the branch on which the DD is drawn (Drawee branch) Payment of DD for Rs.50,000/- and above can be made only through banking channels and not in cash.

7-Refund on cancellation of DDs: Shall be made only if the original instrument is tendered without any sign of endorsements or special crossings or negotiations having been made. All refunds are subject to establishment of proper identity of the purchaser to the satisfaction of the bank.
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